History of Wellbeing North Canterbury Community Trust

Community Wellbeing North Canterbury Trust was established in 1980s initially as the Kaiapoi Community Development Trust.  In 1988 a group of local residents who recognised that there were disadvantaged people in the community employed a community worker, to help people to help themselves.  Then the 1990s the Trust expanded its scope to include the Waimakariri, grew more services and in turn changed its name became known as the Waimakariri District Community Development Trust.

In 2010 the Trust again renamed to Wellbeing North Canterbury Community Trust to better reflect the scope of its service delivery which now encompasses all of North Canterbury (both the Waimakariri and Hurunui Districts). The services that we have now reflect a community response to the needs of local families, children and young people.

Throughout this time, close alliances have formed within the community with other local agencies, who's support we highly value. The Waimakariri District Council has been, and continues to be, very supportive, and funding is received from a variety of government contracts, philanthropic and community funding agencies.

Today, the Trust is governed by a Board which is made up of representatives from across North Canterbury.  We pride ourselves in being a local organisation that works hard to support its people through passion, connection and community.