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Beginning in 1988, the Kaiapoi District Community Development Trust was the outcome of a group of determined residents.

They persuaded the Kaiapoi Borough Council and government agencies that Kaiapoi needed a person to implement and oversee programmes to help disadvantaged people in Kaiapoi to help themselves. The Kaiapoi Trust was set up to administer the funds and to provide governance and support for a Community Development Worker.

The Waimakariri Community Development Trust (WCDT) was set up in 1992. It succeeded the Kaiapoi District Community Development Trust (KDCDT), after the amalgamation in 1989 of the Kaiapoi Borough Council, Rangiora District Council and the Oxford County Council. The reshaping was a move to cover the entire Waimakariri district and the support of the newly formed Waimakariri District Council.