Privacy information for Survey users


You may have some questions about why you have been invited to participate in a survey and what steps we take to protect your privacy.

Why have I been invited to complete a survey?

Gathering feedback from clients helps to ensure we are offering the best services that we can. It provides measures of quality control and client satisfaction, through collating responses.

Is doing the survey voluntary?

Participation is completely voluntary. If you decide for any reason that you would prefer not to continue with a survey that you have started, that’s perfectly OK too.

Be rest assured that your decision to give feedback, or not, will have absolutely no bearing on your relationship with your service worker. Service workers do not see completed survey forms.

Are my responses confidential and how will you protect my privacy?

Yes. The following provisions make sure that your responses are confidential, and your privacy is protected:

1. It is your choice to include your name and phone number, or not. We give this option, because contacting people directly about their experiences of our services can help us improve.

2. Paper survey forms are offered with an envelope that you seal. Service workers do not see the completed forms or collate the information. The survey can also be completed anonymously online.

3. If you choose to include your name and phone number, this information will only be kept in our system until our quality control process has been completed.

4. Our reporting is completely anonymised. Any potentially identifiable information is removed.

Are my personal details secure?

Under the Privacy Act 2020, this information is not used for any other purpose than stated and must be deleted from our computer system when the annual quality control process has been completed.

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at