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Community Pantry Kaiapoi

The Kaiapoi Community Pantry (Food Bank) is completely reliant on the good will of the people of Kaiapoi. We provide food to approx 45-50 families a month and operate on a tight budget.

About our service

Our Community Pantry is open each day between 9am – 4pm. You can access three food parcels per year, for four or subsequent parcels. As part of making our Community Pantry available, you are encouraged to also see Budget Advice Services or our Social Worker. We can help you will making contact with these services.

Our Community Pantry runs solely off donations of food and money from the residents and service clubs of Kaiapoi. Donations can be made at our premises at 24 Sewell Street, Kaiapoi.

We provide an understanding, personal, confidential approach through our Community Pantry service. We take time to provide education about cooking on a budget or different ways to cook the food given. You get to choose the items that you need in your food parcel.

How to access our service

Opening hours 9am – 4pm daily
24 Sewell Street, Kaiapoi
P| 03 327 8945 F| 03 327 7928 E| tl.kcs@wellbeingnc.org.nz

What about Rudolph?

This is Kaiapoi Community Supports Christmas Giving Programme, a project which includes Christmas hampers & presents for all socially disadvantaged families in Kaiapoi.

KCS also runs a Christmas food and present drive, stocking the shelves for the Christmas rush as well as a Christmas Dinner for those who have no family to celebrate with on Christmas Day.  This is run in conjunction with local churches and is to be held on Christmas Day.

We provide food to approx 45-50 families a month and operate on a tight budget. If you would like to donate either food or money to the food bank, please get in touch.

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