Sponsor Us

Join our Community of Sponsors

As a  North Canterbury based organisation our free services are essential to people so that they can connect, learn and strengthen wellbeing in their lives and in our community.

As one of our business supporters, you have a unique opportunity to join us in achieving our vision for North Canterbury.

In return, you will both gain community awareness for your brand and positive public relations exposure.

Making a difference to your local community helps with team building and builds the spirit of giving to your company culture. By choosing to help us, your employees and customers will see that your business has its heart in our local community.

Business benefits of supporting Wellbeing North Canterbury

As well as the ‘feel good’ factor that comes with supporting us, your business can expect some tangible benefits from a relationship with us.

These include:

  • strengthening customer loyalty to your brand and your market position, through association with the a highly regarded North Canterbury community Trust.
  • fulfilment of your company’s – social responsibility ambitions
  • engagement with our local community, through volunteering

Ways that you can help us

We would love to explore with you some creative ideas on how you can help us to meet these costs. There are so many possibilities!

You could:

  • make a corporate donation and/or encourage payroll giving
  • provide us with free products or services
  • give your employees time off to do volunteer work for Wellbeing
  • become a corporate sponsor
  • embark on a cause-related marketing campaign
  • organise a fundraising event that involves both employees and employers.