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"This year I worked with a young boy, with depression and anxiety, He was living in an isolated area, and had not been at school for several months. He found it hard dealing with a lot of people in the class and school environment, and struggled with feeling judged.  Together we made a plan involving different activities during the week, building towards this young man’s goal to become an automotive mechanic.  This has started with him learning to dismantle a lawn mower engine with the help of the local Menz Shed.  From there he built a go-cart using the engine from the mower.  Many other community organisations have supported him with further training opportunities, to help with managing his depression and to re-engage him at school in a manageable way.  With gentle encouragement and the community to support him, there is a greater chance that he will move towards achieving his goals, and enjoy a happier life."



"This story really showed me the courage of the human spirit.

A mother came for some counselling sessions with this story.  Her terminally ill teenage child had been given just four months to live. The one thing she wanted from her sessions of counselling was that she help her child to pass away with peace and dignity.

Together we sorted through some options and made a plan. Through research on the process ahead of her child, we found that hearing is one of the senses that endures the longest. I asked Mum what sort of music her child liked and she told me … “heavy metal”. We started to introduce the idea of a bit of light classical music which Mum began to slip in between “Deaf Leopard” (a special favourite) and see what happened. She was amazed, as I was, that her child became less agitated and more restful when listening to the classical music. The real breakthrough came when they asked Mum to “put on that other stuff “because it made them feel good.

Toward the end the only music that was played was “The Pastoral Symphony”. It didn’t matter that this piece of beautiful music had been played many times in the last days of her child’s life. She believed that because her child died in peace she could live with some peace in her heart too."