Karanga Mai Philosophy

Staff and management believe the following statements.


Karanga Mai Early Learning Centre and Young Parent’s College as a whole recognise and respond to the specific social and educational needs of teenage parents and their children. Because of this, the centre has a unique character. The value base of the programme is designed on a “wrap around” model of care for parents and children alike. Strong and supportive relationships with parents and whānau are essential as is the modelling and sharing of enriching parenting skills.

We believe it is paramount that relationships between teachers and children support and uphold children’s holistic development. The continuity of staffing and specific teaching roles is seen as two important factors in supporting stable relationships between teachers and children. Positive interactions and nurturing relationships ensure that children feel respected and valued as individuals.

Karanga Mai Early Learning Centre provides an inclusive service which celebrates diversity.   We are committed to biculturalism and to fulfilling the partnership inherent in Te Tiriti o Waitangi. This is a central guiding principle of the centre in its management practices and the learning environment created for the children. Environmental education and promoting education for sustainability are integral aspects of the centre kaupapa.

Our curriculum is based on Te Whāriki (NZ Early Childhood Curriculum) and supports an environment where the weaving of knowledge, skills, and attitudes into learning dispositions and working theories is recognised. We use the narrative approach to assess and evaluate this learning.

Our curriculum is tailored to the individual though it also supports the development of a learning community working within the philosophy of whanaungatanga. Whanaungatanga values the contributions each individual brings to the collective process, and sits alongside “Ako” which is the reciprocal learning between teachers and children.

We are committed to life long learning through regular appraisals and the provision of opportunities for teachers to access professional development or further training.

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